We will never be able to make a Zoom call to Mars

Mars gets Closer

We now have high quality image, sound, and even video footage coming from Mars. And surely, we will get even better and better going there, and we may even bring soil back from Mars in 2029.

Mars in 2007, Wikipedia.

Mars is Sociologically farther than you Imagine

All those are good news, and hope-inspiring for the future of the humanity.

We will never be able to make a Zoom call to Mars.

And saying this, is not enough to materialize the further implications of the situation in our minds. Let’s elaborate:

  • We will not be able to make Zoom calls with people living on Mars. And we will certainly not be able to see them face-to-face. Think of a constant Covid-19 quarantine, but without Zoom calls.
  • We will not be able to live-broadcast videos to Mars. This will prohibit streaming activities to be effective between Earth-and-Mars to a certain extent, Mars users will not be able to comment on the stream effectively.
  • We will not be able to make “phone” calls to Mars. You will never, ever have effective vocal conversation with anyone living in Mars. None of the people in Earth will.
  • We will not be able to effectively message with people living on Mars. No replies before 6.06 minutes. (not even “seen” or “delivered” ticks)
  • It will be hard to have a Martian co-worker. They will not reply fast, and it will not be their fault. That means economic activities between planets will be very limited, economy of planets will be isolated within themselves.
  • Debates will be very hard to resolve with people on Mars, because debates require rapid message-response cycle. Judicial, bureaucratic, and political processes, which take a lot of time already, will be infeasible between Earth and Mars, and every other planet.
  • Since many fun activities between Earth and Mars are non-feasible, most of the “fun” and “culture” will be self contained in planets. Martians will have their own internet culture, their own way of communicating and humor, and their own way of doing things. They will grow to be very different from us, eventually.

Is this really a problem?

We will not be going to Proxima Centauri or Mars, anytime soon anyway. So maybe we can solve this issue until we go there right?



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Ahmet Melek

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