The Power of Different UIs / Devices

Ahmet Melek
1 min readNov 25, 2021


When you write an article, or even more generally, produce any product, it helps a lot to experience that product from different devices.

Not only that viewing the same thing using different devices makes you recognize subtle flaws in the design / structure, but different UIs also might be resulting in a significant change in our way of thinking, resulting in a potential increase in creativity and productivity.

Examples of different UIs and Devices while producing:

  • Mobile UI (possibly in a chatting app)
  • Blog UI (say, in Medium)
  • Pen and Paper, drawing, writing
  • Tablets, drawing, writing
  • 3D simulation engines, such as Unity or Unreal Engine
  • Rubber Duck Technique (monologue)
  • Actual Conversation (dialogue)
  • In Person Lecture / In Person Forum format (polylogue)
  • Online Forum (online polylogue, for example twitter)
  • (if applicable) Physical Exploration (such as when actors live their acts to empathize better with the role). Might include sound, taste, smell, touch, and other kinds of experience.



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