Feeling More Conscious

Ahmet Melek
2 min readNov 25, 2021


My senses of consciousness increase for a short time, when I actively imagine my surroundings in a TPS or RTS way.

  • FPS: first person shooter view (less conscious)
  • TPS: third person shooter view (more conscious)
  • RTS: real time strategy view (more conscious)
When I try to actively imagine what’s behind me (left part), it makes me feel more conscious
I also feel more conscious when I imagine who’s at which room in the building that I’m currently in
I also feel more conscious when I imagine which landmark or which friend sits in which location in the city. Traveling a city by foot helps to visualize the city in your mind.

The activity of imagining my surroundings feels similar to the awareness practice for me. The awareness practice, which is used in meditation, is the act of actively and deeply watching (or feeling in any other way) your surroundings:

… One could also focus on sounds, sensations, thoughts, feelings and actions that happen in the present. In this regard, a famous exercise, introduced by Kabat-Zinn in his MBSR program, is the mindful tasting of a raisin, in which a raisin is being tasted and eaten mindfully.

Difference between the awareness practice and imagining your surroundings is, in the latter, you simulate/imagine things that you currently do not feel.

I had used “imagine your surroundings — city level” technique when we had pilot tests for the university entrance exams. It was a thing to remind myself that the pilot test was a small thing, compared to the all activity in the city. It made me calmer, knowing that, if I would under perform in the test, nothing bad would happen. The city wouldn’t notice.

It was after watching this clip that I started to think about the things in this blog post. It is an interesting video, and a good channel:



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